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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Questions by members may be sent for this page via:

EMail letters to your organization- Click on the button at the left, below the AUSWR SITE LINKS

All letters must include your name, location, city & state, which local organization you are a member of, which company you retired from and when.

Any Question by a member requiring official comment will be forwarded to the proper AUSWR official for an answer.



Q-1. How do I find my way around this website?

A-1. There is a Linking Table at the top left of each page with links to all the major pages. Hyper-reference links are provided by the underlined items. Hyper-links are generally blue in color and have an underline below text.  Click directly on the text. Click on the name of the page you want to go to and you are transferred there. Hyper links are also used to get to other websites and to news media that allow outsiders to view their articles.

Q-2. How do I find the most recent news items on each page?

A-2. The latest news items will be posted at the top of the pages, just under the page headings. The home or opening page will contain a list of the pages that have been recently updated.

Q-3. How do I find my way to each state?

A-3. First go to the State Organizations page,  then click on the state group for the state you want.  Click on “Board Contacts” for the State you want.

Q-4. How do I find information about recent retirements and deaths of Qwest (US West) employees?

A-4. Go to the page labeled Links of Interest.  There you will find a link to CenturyLink Click on this and it will direct you to deaths and retirements for recent month.

Q-5. What happens to older articles? When are they deleted?

A-5. Some of the older articles that have important information on them will be placed in the Archives.  These will generally be articles that might be interesting to new members. Most items will be removed after about 2 or 3 months.

Q-6. How often is the web site updated?

A-6. Generally on a daily basis, when there is news.

Q-7. How can I get medical & dental forms from CenturyLink?

A-7. Click on to go to the CenturyLink Human Resources Dept. or call 1-800-729-7526. The mailing address is:

CenturyLink Benefits
1801 California St.
Denver, CO 80202

Q-8. How do I find where legislation is in Congress?

A-8. Go to the Legislative Activities  page and click on Congress in the News under Pending Bills. It will take you to the Thomas website which lists all current legislation.
Also, you can click on Legislative Directory which lists pending bills that may affect pensions or health care.

Q-9. What is the Retiree Guardian??

A-9. It is the quarterly newsletter sent to members by the Association of U S West Retirees. The editorial board selects articles for publication.  These are sent to the state editors who may add local news, contact information, membership application, etc. All states call the publication the Retiree Guardian although the state information will vary.

Q-10. What was the Retiree Voice Committee?

A-10.  In early 1999, U S WEST agreed to form a committee of company managers with responsibilities in Human Resources, Health Care benefits, etc. and twelve retirees. Retirees nominated themselves and USW made the selections. These parties met quarterly, had conference calls and brought attention to many problems with the benefit delivery system. They were instrumental in having the minimum pension increased.  In addition, the communications between retirees and the company were improved.

The Voice Committee was not an arm of AUSWR although these retirees did join associations in their respective states and have been active members. AUSWR had an interest in their efforts, and when we learned that it was being cancelled, we immediately asked the six members to continue to identify retiree problems and use their knowledge to get answers for the same people without having these meetings.

Q-11. Can folks still working for CenturyLink (Qwest, U S West) become members? Can folks that worked for other telephone companies (such as Lucent) become members?

A-11. Yes

Q-12. How do I get back to the opening or 1st page?

A-12. The linking table at the top of each page has a link to the home page or scroll to the bottom of any page and click on "home". You can also go forward or back one page at the bottom of each page.

Q-13. How do I re-size items for printing from my computer? (Generally making the font smaller.)

A-13. Use copy and paste. Simply copy the item you wish to print, by selecting that specific body of text, paste and save (check the menu and save as text) it to your hard drive, zip disc, or other equip. using the word processor program that you have (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, etc.) in your computer. You can then resize the font in that program and print from that.


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