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Health Care News Archive


CO/WY/NM  Health Care Cost Tracking project

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August 24, 2012     A New  Medicare Strategy


May 11, 2009     Hospitals Begin to Move Into Supermarkets

May 10, 2009     Industry Pledges to Control Health Care Costs

May 9, 2009     Congress Plans Incentives for Healthy Habits

May 7, 2009     In Strategy Shift, G.E. Plans Lower-Cost Health Products


May 5, 2009     Schumer Offers Middle Ground on Health Care

May 4, 2009     Few hospitals go paperless using free VA software

April 26, 2009     Hospitals cutting services, staff amid recession

April 26, 2009     Shortage of Doctors an Obstacle to Obama Goals

April 22, 2009     Biggest medical mystery: The bill

April 23, 2009     The Struggle for Reform — Challenges and Hopes for Comprehensive Health Care Legislation

April 22, 2009     Drug Deals Tie Prices to How Well Patients Do

April 21, 2009     Mayo Clinic launches site for storing health information with Microsoft technology

April 22, 2009     Medicare called key to overhaul of health care


April 17, 2009     Some Caveats About Keeping Your Own Electronic Health Records

April 17, 2009     A Hard-Charging Doctor on Obama’s Team

April 15, 2009     White House seeks health plan compromise


Drug Makers, Hospitals Raise Prices

As Pills Treat Cancer, Insurance Lags Behind

Obama Pledges New Data System for Veterans

As Medical Charts Go Electronic, Rural Doctor Sees Healthy Change

Connecting the Dots of Medicine and Data

Healthcare battle brewing: political groups gear up

Hospitals can save by doing less - Thomson Reuters

A Hospital Is Offering Digital Records

Treating an Illness Is One Thing. What About a Patient With Many?

Walgreen giving free care to jobless and uninsured

Drug prices: Wal-Mart/Caterpillar plan may drive down employer health-care costs

Foreign Ways and War Scars Test Hospital

U.S. names healthcare spending strategy advisers

Drug industry advocates join chorus to split FDA

Google, IBM Promote Online Health Records

Multiple Agendas for Controlling Health Care Costs

Report: US on short end of health care 'value gap'

Team Effort in the House to Overhaul Health Care

Massachusetts Faces Costs of Big Health Care Plan

Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits

Obama Says He Is Open to Altering Health Plan

Health Insurers, Poised for Round 2

Wal-Mart Plans to Market Digital Health Records System

Baucus promises health-care action

Doctors fight back against Internet critics

Good or Useless, Medical Scans Cost the Same

Institute sees more Americans losing insurance

Former HHS Secretary Leavitt Discusses Overhauling U.S. Health Care System

Medicare Spending Still Varies Widely by Region

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home

Specter, a Fulcrum of the Stimulus Bill, Pulls Off a Coup for Health Money

U.S. to Compare Medical Treatments

In Search of a Good Doctor By Pauline W. Chen, M.D. ; The New York Times ~ Jan 09, 2009 Here is a summary of medical experts’ advice and the Web sites they use themselves and recommend to patients, friends and family...

Strategies for Saving on Prescription Drugs

'Concierge Medicine' - Take It or Leave It

Home Sick: When the Burden Of Care Falls on the Family

Mr. Bush’s Health Care Legacy

Spending Rise for Health Care and Prescription Drugs Slows

New Model of Care Is Needed, Experts Say

Wide-ranging groups join forces to launch pre-inauguration push for health care reform

Benefits shrinking as recession worsens

At House Party on Health Care, the Diagnosis Is It’s Broken

Consensus emerging on universal healthcare

Senators Hurry to Keep Health Care in Forefront

Baucus, Kennedy to huddle on healthcare

Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report

Health Insurers See 'Universal' Opportunity

Facing a Choice Between Home And Health Care. Housing Rout Cuts Off Source of Funds to Pay Medical Bills; Chemo, and Then Foreclosure

Few Doctors Sign Off on Online Prescribing

Consensus emerging on universal healthcare. The prospect of bold government action appears to be accepted among players across the ideological and political spectrum, including those who opposed the idea in the 1990s

Insurers Hire Radiology Police to Vet Scanning

Court Blocks White House Push on Medicare Expenses

Assigning Blame For Rising Medical Costs

On Health Plans, the Numbers Fly

'Myth' of uninsured overcrowding ERs debunked, study says

Health insurers reinvent themselves as money managers

Kennedy secretly crafts health care plan

Businesses Wary of Details in Obama Health Plan

After Market Rout, Pension Pain Looms

Why We Need 1,170 Codes for Angioplasty

Obama urged to overhaul healthcare, stat

Once Just an Aging Sign, Falls Merit Complex Care

Both candidates' plans increase health coverage, analysis says

Studies Detail Contrasts in Rivals' Health-Care Plans

Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report

Consumers Cut Health Spending, As Economic Downturn Takes Toll

Health-Care Costs to Rise in 2009

Two Studies Recommend Less-Frequent Colon Exams

Federal Panel Advises Doctors

Health insurance industry launches own reform drive in Ohio

While the U.S. Spends Heavily on Health Care, a Study Faults the Quality

How Changes In Medicare Affect Patients

U.S. ads push patients to shop for hospitals


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