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January 26, 2007
Mimi Hull, President
AUSWR Board Members and general membership
Joe Nacchio's criminal trial is scheduled to begin on March 19, 2007 in Denver Federal Court before Denver Federal Judge Edward Nottingham.  I have been asked by the U.S. Attorney's office to find several retirees or employees who would be willing to give testimony at the criminal trial about the losses suffered on Qwest stock purchased during the exact time period when Joe Nacchio was selling a lot of his stock.  The Indictment against former Qwest CEO Nacho complains about his profiting from stock sells during January 2001 through May 2001.  See the indictment at the AUSWR website:
The prosecution team is looking for persons who fit at least one of the following categories:
    1.    Persons who bought Qwest stock during the same time period when Mr. Nacchio was selling his shares - i.e., persons who bought Qwest stock during January 2, 2001 through May 29, 2001;
    2.    Persons who saw or heard Mr. Nacchio make statements about Qwest's ability to meet its targets or Wall Street expectations and, then, made an investment decision based in part on Mr. Nacchio's touting of Qwest's anticipated financial success.
    If you fit one or both of the above two categories, and you want to consider testifying at the criminal trial and are qualified and give testimony at the criminal trial here in Denver, you will get the following expenses eventually reimbursed by the United States Government:
  • Parking
  • Mileage is reimbursed at .445 cents per mile
  • Witness fee of $40.00 per day
  • Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) of $24.50 per day for first and last days any additional days are reimbursed at $49.00 per day.
  • If you are flying in to Denver - transportation to and from DIA.  You would be free to take a taxi or a shuttle service.  You would be reimbursed for either option, however, you would not normally get a reimbursement check for about a week after you have finished testifying.  If you are someone who really cannot afford to wait for the government's reimbursement check, they can send you over to the U.S. Marshals with your paperwork and they can get you a check right away.
  • Airline ticket and hotel are pre-paid.  Hotel will ask for a credit card for incidental expenses when you check in - if you don't have a credit card the hotel will typically shut off the phone service to your room.
No one is going to twist your arm.  If you believe you are most suitable as a victim/witness and will feel comfortable speaking at the public trial, send me an email message and explain why.  I will then respond and give you the contact information for Colleen Conry who, on behalf of the prosecution team, - U.S. Attorney's Office - may choose to meet with you to discuss the matter.
Please let me know without delay.  Potential witnesses need to be selected no later than the first week in February.  Again, before you make a decision, you should read the Indictment filed against Mr. Nacchio which legal document listing the alleged crimes is posted at the AUSWR website:
Please, just send me an email note; there is no need to call me.
Attachment:   By Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News Business Reporter, Friday, January 26:  "Wanted: Qwest witnesses"