March 15, 2005
Cynthia P. Delaney, Senior Attorney
1801 California Street, 9TH Floor
Denver, Colorado 80202
Tele:  303-383-6790
Fax:   303-383-6662 (Cindy Delaney, Esq.)
I have attached hereto a courtesy copy of the proposed Class Action Complaint filed today in Denver Federal Court, Kerber and Phelps v. Qwest Pension Plan, et al, Civil Action No. 05-MK-478 (PAC), United States District Court for the District of Colorado.  This Complaint concerns the pension death benefit under the Qwest Pension Plan.
The retirees ask that we make an earnest attempt to discuss an amicable resolution of this matter.  Many are very concerned that, should there be a Qwest - MCI merger, there is the strong possibility that the combined company leadership will look to ways to cut retiree benefits.  So, the hope is that we can discuss and reach an acceptable resolution that can be incorporated into an "Employee Matters Agreement" for any Qwest - MCI merger arrangement.
Therefore, at this time, we are not formally serving this Complaint, so that efforts can be made to meet and discuss an acceptable resolution.  Please let me know whether we can meet and discuss.  Several retiree representatives will want to attend any such meeting.  So, please give me some available dates and I will get back to you ASAP.  Thanks.

Curtis L. Kennedy
8405 E. Princeton Ave.
Denver, CO  80237-1741
Tele: 303-770-0440
Fax: 303-843-0360

Attachment:    (Kerber and Phelps v. Qwest Pension Plan Complaint - 34 pages)
c:    Association of U S WEST Retirees

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