August 17, 2005
Elizabeth I. Kiovsky, Esq.
2036 E.  17th Ave.
Denver,  CO  80206-1106  
Tele:  303-813-4500
Fax:   303-813-4501 (Beth Kiovsky, Esq.)
In a message dated 8/17/2005 11:06:48 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

Curtis, when do you anticipate getting me your additions to the scheduling order so that I can get the Order filed today?  Beth

I have put together the final paper ready to submit as the proposed scheduling order for the court conference that will occur on Monday, August 22.  Please see the attachment hereto in PDF format.  I will also send it to you in WordPerfect format, if you have something to change at the last minute.
You may go ahead and send this electronically for filing with the court. 
I do not believe the scheduling conference on Monday will take very long.  When you file the paper, please email me a courtesy copy.  Thanks.
Attachment:    (Scheduling Order ready to file - 13 pages)
c:    Edward Kerber
        Nelson Phelps
        AUSWR Board members

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