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May 24, 2010



Mimi Hull, AUSWR President




Presently, many Qwest retirees who received health care services provided by United HealthCare in years past are receiving the attached class notice about a settlement fund in the amount of $350 million to which they can submit a claim.


I suspect the notices are only being sent to those persons who during the period March 14, 1994 through November 18, 2009 received "Out-of-Network" services and were over charged or not properly reimbursed, due to United HealthCare's use of an inappropriately maintained computerized data base, the basis for the lawsuit and settlement.


Anyone can get information about the case by going to this website:


My suggestion is that anyone, after reading the notice, who has questions about the notice, what to do and how to make a claim should contact the following:

Claims Administrator:


United HealthCare Class Action Litigation

c/o Berdon Claims Administration LLC

P.O.  Box  1500

Jericho,  NY  11853-0001

(800) 443-1073



Counsel for the Settlement Class:


Stanley M. Grossman, Esq.


D. Brian Hufford, Esq.


Robert J. Axelrod, Esq.



100 Park Ave.

New York, NY  10017

(212) 661-1100


Either the claims administrator or the responsible lawyers should be the best source for anyone seeking answers, as this is not a matter that directly implicates or involves the work of AUSWR, the retiree association.


Anyone with questions ought to be prepared to be both persistent and patient when trying to contact either the claims administrator or the lawyers.


The deadline for submitting a claim is October 5, 2010.


Interestingly, the attorneys are going after 25% of the $350 million, or $87.5 million.  Therefore, with that kind of expected windfall, they should have in place a sufficient staff prepared to answer your questions about the settlement and claims process.





Attachment    15 page notice about United HealthCare lawsuit/settlement