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The AUSWR represents over 49,500 retirees and surviving spouses of Qwest, U S WEST, and their predecessor companies. The Association was formed in 1995 to halt the company's growing neglect of its retirees; to insure that each retiree receives every benefit earned as a result of their long service to the company.  Our members lived up to their part of the bargain and should not have to accept less from the company.

In 2013, the AUSWR Regional Organization ceased operation since all legal remedies to protect pensions and benefits had been exhausted.  The health care guarantee won through litigation in the Phelps case represented by our attorney, Curtis L. Kennedy, continues to stand as a landmark case.  All pre-1991 and ERO (Early Retirement Offer) retirees will continue to enjoy the guarantee that their health care costs and coverage cannot be changed and this is binding upon CenturyLink and any future companies taking over these responsibilities.

Two remaining state organizations, AUSWR CO/WY and AUSWR NWB will continue their mission of being "A Point of contact for retirees concerning pensions, benefits, and health care."


Affiliated with the NRLN. Go to 



The AUSWR is a founding member of the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN). The NRLN is a nonpartisan, grassroots federation of retiree organizations working at the national level, lobbying Congress to protect and enhance retiree health and pensions benefits.



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